Why Obama might lose

EverythingElsePosted by Eskil Wed, October 24, 2012 23:35:42
With two weeks left until the US election, you would think that every possible angle of how voters think have been discussed, but there is one thing I haven't heard anyone talk about: Racism. You may think it has been discussed a lot, but only in terms of how racists won't vote for Obama, not why they would.

The US in may ways is a very segregated and racist country, yet if there is one thing no one wants to be called its a racist. You may call an American all kinds of names, but nothing hits home like being called a racist.

Many white people In the US spend considerable effort to work on not being perceived as racists, especially if they are. Like having the token friends to invite to your parties so that no one will create an awkward moment when they comment that everyone is white. Its especially important to behave correctly when there are black people around. Bringing up any discussion of race relations is a mine field no one wants to end up in. Dont mention the war. And if ever you find your self in a situation where you must talk about race be sure to come well prepared, with names of black friends, your favorite black entertainers and athletes and a story of how once I saw a Taylor Perry movie and liked it.

As most people fundamentally think that their vote doesn't affect the outcome in any meaningful way (and they are often right) who they vote for can become a statement of who they themselves want to be rather then who they really want to be in the white house. They may want McCain to be president, but they want to be the kind of guy who has no problem voting for the black guy.

Any white person could see the writing on the wall in 2008: If Obama would win it was going to be historical and everyone who didn't vote for him was going to look behind the times and racist, and If he lost there was going to be riots and talk about a racist conspiracy, and then you sure don't want to be the one who stood in the way of first black president. Being able to say "I voted for Obama" become a great replacement for "Many of my friends are black", not just to convince other but to convince yourself you a not a racist.

So why does this matter now? Well all the people who felt the need to prove to themselves and others that they aren't racists by voting for Obama, no longer have that to prove. In fact voting against him may even make their case stronger. By voting both for and against the same black guy you sort of prove that race has nothing to do with your choice. Its the ultimate I'm-not-a-racist defense. It also has some of the "you had your chance now, so stop whining" that racists likes to complain about along with affirmative action and black history month.

My guess is that Obama will loose a few percentage points in this election by no longer getting the I-need-to-prove-that-I-can-vote-for-the-black-guy vote. Will it be enough to loose him the election? Time will tell.

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Posted by Alf. Mon, November 12, 2012 04:13:03

Racism is born out of fear. That fear is born out of ignorance. What criteria you choose to base your decision when you vote, is up to you, but you are both a product of how you choose to act, and also a product of your environment.What's important to you? If you are fearful, and ignorant, then you will be influenced in that manner. But it is what you are fearful and ignorant of, that will specify to what, how and when you react in an ignorant, and possibly racist manner. I don't believe that ignorance will directly lead to racism, but I believe that the seeds of fear and ignorance will make racism much more likely.I myself am ignorant, just like anyone else. We are all ignorant of that which we have not yet learned. Does that make me an ignoramus? More so than some, less so than others.Ignorance is a sliding scale, and you can be very knowledgeable in one field, yet completely ignorant of another. In the end, your combined ignorance, and knowledge will affect you as a whole.Factors to affect this will come from all sorts of sources, but education, living location, family influences, outside influences from acquaintances, and work friends etc... are just a few.So where am I going with all of this? I am how I am, you are who you are. How did I vote? I voted for Obama. Why did I vote for him? I believe in his ideas.I believe that it is wrong to tell a woman how she should manage her body. The rights and liberties of the individual are paramount in this country, and the moment that we allow any institution, private, public, secular, or religious mandate that the individual does not control their own body, we are no longer a free country.Many republicans feel they know better than the individual. Ironic, that the men also feel this way. I am male. I have an idea of what women go through, but I'll never understand fully. Am I going to be fearful of it, or provide understanding and compassion. I made my choice.I believe that right to access of healthcare. I believe that denying individuals coverage due to a pre-existing condition is an injustice. I also believe that spending money to preventing illnesses, will save money in the long run vs. waiting till someone is falling apart to provide them care. Again, it's about the people. If we can't take care of our countrymen\women, then what's the point of having our country. We save a few bucks, and let some people die, but dammit, we're solvent, right? Wrong! People that think that way can't see the forest for the trees. If the individuals suffer, to save a few bucks, then we're no better than any other country that lets their citizens die, just to save money.Those are but two reasons I voted for Obama. Notice that his race has absolutely nothing to do with my decision. When we vote, we vote for the ideas, and the likelihood of them being put into action. I like his ideas. That's how I voted, and I hope and wish that more people would make their decisions based on reason instead of what someone looks like, what they wear in public or who they're married to. We are a social species, and it' our lot to behave this way, but we are also more than just animals, and it's our choice to override our fears, and choose with our minds and hearts; not with our limbic system.

Posted by blah Mon, October 29, 2012 20:45:30

'loose' and 'lose' are two very different words.

Posted by Phillip Sat, October 27, 2012 19:16:54

"Most of them have their heads stuck so far into the right wing media propaganda echo chamber they really can't distinguish reality from fiction. In a way they are victims, with outside forces manipulating their unfortunate tribalistic impulses for political gain."

Wow, couldn't have said it so well myself. Mass media outlets are direct evidence of peoples obsession with the need for confirmation in place of critical thinking.

Posted by Paxton Thu, October 25, 2012 17:54:09

Eskil, I'm afraid you've stepped in it now.

I was never so keenly aware of racism here in the US until Obama's election. You can see if most clearly manifested in some people's willingness to believe almost anything about him. I think some of the other comments on your post are a pretty good illustration of what I'm talking about.

It's disturbing, but I try not to blame our citizen racists. Most of them have their heads stuck so far into the right wing media propaganda echo chamber they really can't distinguish reality from fiction. In a way they are victims, with outside forces manipulating their unfortunate tribalistic impulses for political gain.

Posted by VichusSmith Thu, October 25, 2012 02:00:40

First off, I don't care one way or another. Second, you have not put into consideration people other than whites. What about the black vote? African Americans came out in force to vote for Obama. Yes, the White American vote is a much larger chunk than the black vote. Speaking of what is not discussed publicly, white people will not mention that some African Americans voted for Obama just for the fact that he is black.I am an American, and I didn't vote in the '08 election because of the racial issues involved. I didn't vote for Obama. I wont vote for someone only because he's black, or for some need to part of a moment in history. That's not the point of electing a president.PS, Mr. "non-racist" is a laugh.

Posted by A non-racist Thu, October 25, 2012 01:07:08

Obama deserves to lose this election because his 4 years as president has been an unmitigated disaster across all fronts (jobs, economy, foreign policy, etc)--no more--no less.

And speaking of racism, have you not heard of all of the recent Twitter hoopla -- e.g. threats from primarily black people to "assassinate" and "riot"??? You want to talk about racism? How about we talk about that, for starters??

The Obamas have cost the US years in race relations. They had a golden opportunity to do the right thing for race relations and instead, they blew it with their biased idealism and die-hard left-wing agenda. Sadly, as it has turned out, it's an agenda that serves to separate rather than unify the people of the US. Almost every time either of them speaks they race bait and pander. Not only is it terrible, it's UNACCEPTABLE and most of all--not PRESIDENTIAL.