So, Ive decided to take my work back underground. To stop it from falling in to the wrong hands.

LovePosted by Eskil Tue, September 13, 2011 07:34:17

Back in January I had a dream of something I wanted to do this year. 12 projects. After working so long on one project I really wanted to do as many things as possible. The first month of any project is always the best, its when you are the most creative and its when you get to experience something being created out of nothing. The drawback is that nothing gets finished...

I wont make 12 projects this year, but the last few months Ive been dabbling in a few different things. I used a month to learn web tech and write my own HTTP server API. I have finally gotten started writing a proper version of my Texture generator tool that I wrote a prototype of well over a year ago, and yes, I have been dabbling with a new game too. I wouldn't say that I'm prototyping it, because when you prototype something the code usually looks horrible. This might be among the pretties code I have ever written.

Thats what I'm enjoying doing right now, writing pretty things. Love has always been a test bed for ideas, and as anyone know, a good lab or skunkworks never remains pretty since you keep randomly adding things. In the end it never looks like it would have if you would have know where you were going. Starting fresh feels very nice after a while.

Earlier this year I started understanding games in a way that i never have before. In my mind I have built a model for how to do what i set out to do with love, make a game with a dynamic story. Love was designed to find this answer, but now that i think i have the answer, not everything in love follows this model. I now know that to make Love be what it needs to be, some rather big changes has to be made. When I first started trying to apply this model to Love I found Love to present some problems that forced me to go back and revise the entire model. I'm still polishing my ideas, but soon I will go in and make some pretty big changes.

Love needs more polish, and the obvious thing would be to polish it, but there are things that aren't polished and nobody cares about not being polished, so there is something else going on, and I'm starting to understand what is. I will rearrange many things in love, even add a few things, but most of all i will try to answer the question, why?

Ive been planing and writing on a blog post about this new model and what it will mean for love, but the more I think about it the ground keeps shifting, so I will keep quiet about it for now and just focus on figuring it out. Thats what I will do from now on, be quiet. But know this, I'm working on things, and some day you will see it all.

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