She wont let you fly but she might let you sing

LovePosted by Eskil Sat, May 28, 2011 17:45:44
When Elvis appeared on stage in the 50s with his music and hip movements where positively shocking and parents everywhere saw in horror as their kids got swept up in vice. Things couldn't possibly get worse, until the Beatles showed up and started to sing about LSD. Then came Hendrix and that guy couldn't even play straight. And then came hard rock, and some of the people who where in to that didn't even pretend to be nice, they called them selves things like "Prince of darkness". Then came Punk and that was even nosier. It as now so noisy that it was hard to imagine less melodic music, that was until Rap came along and did away with melody all together. Just when parents all agreed that civilization could not possibly go any lower, somebody suggested even removing the lyrics to create Rave, and the final circle of hell was complete.

A few weeks ago I saw a girl, she was probably around fifteen and she was wearing a bag that said "Punk is not dead". It was a sad moment. Because Honey, Punk is dead, and it died long before you where born. Cry on its grave for a while and then move along, dear.

For the first time in modern music history, old people are horrified by the music young people listen to, not because its loud and obnoxious, but because its timid and pathetic. Have we come to a time when parents storm in to their kids rooms to demand they turn the volume UP? You think you are rebellious for listening to hip-hop? Well, if you are listening to Public enemy, Ice-T and 2 Live crew maybe but that was 20 years ago! Don't steal your parents revolt! Get your own!

Why are we awash with Pixel graphics? Isn't the joke "Look it looks like an old game but its really not, funny huh?" kind of played out by now? Same as the "look at the ugly 70s glasses I'm wearing" joke. Its referencing something old and not bringing anything new.

And its all a joke, a few minutes of shaky youtube footage of a cat falling on or out of something, or a comic strip about some sad characters life that is sooo "funny because its true", or why not one of thous door mats with a funny pun. In fact you can now build your entire home completely out of things that look like other things because its funny. If you look for a potato peeler in some design store you can bet its disguised as and a tooth paste tube, a hot dog or something else at most mildly amusing. Its as if Q, became a pacifist and got a job at Ikea.

Some time ago I found this image:

We think we live in a time of development, but looking at this, it feels like a hundred years ago people developed thoughts on a much grander scale then today. What would a chart like this look like for the last ten years? Would it mention the innovation of wheel rims that looks like they spin even when they stand still and would trucker caps be seen as a major new esthetics's movement?

I love Kraftwerk, The Beatles, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and a lot of other music that was made before i was born, and that's great, but I'm not trying to re-create what they did or try to pretend that i live in that time. I'm trying to define my own time.

Albums like Sgt. Pepper, The Wall, and even Music for a jilted generation where more then just a random collections of good songs, they constituted a hole that told us something new, They allowed us to enter a new world. We still reference 2001 a space odyssey, Blade runner, and 1984 to define our future. We still consider The Godfather, Casablanca and A clockwork orange master peaces. We still read Homer, Shakespeare, and Kafka not because they where just funny but because they expanded or minds. It takes more then a clever pun or a youtube clip to move human thinking forward like that. It takes a vision, and to be create something like that it requires you to question what has come before, not just recycle it, or reference it. That is the core that you need before you do any thing great, you need to have something to say, a point of view, a new idea. What is your idea? Only when you have that, can you upset your parents properly.

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