I state my case

LovePosted by Eskil Fri, December 31, 2010 00:21:22
The thought of writing a manifesto, has always been attractive to me, because I like consistency, I like the idea of stating ones very basic philosophy and let everything else flow from it.

For years and years I have considered writing down my very basic thoughts on life, but for a long time I thought they were of no interest to anyone but me. About a year and a half a go I got a mail from someone in distress asking me all these questions, questions about life, truth and direction. This mail convinced me to write mine.

People don't write manifestos anymore, I think that is a loss. I imagine that Karl Marx, and many others who have attempted to write one would be pretty appalled by how their messages have been misinterpreted, but i still think its a worthy pursuit. So I have spent a year and a half writing just a few pages, treading very carefully. The result is not what I expected.

I don't know how long i will be able to write whatever I want on this page, but for now I can, so I have decided to publish them here. Read them, share them, argue about them, or disagree with them.

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