LovePosted by Eskil Fri, November 12, 2010 05:26:25

My grand mother lived through two world wars, wrote 6 books, raised 2 children, got a doctorate, visited 97 countries, had tea at the white house, spoke 5 languages, was married for 70 years, and used to smuggle contraceptives to poor women in Italy using her diplomat pass.

On the surface timid, but thous who really knew her knew there was a very strong and particular mind hidden in this little girl. When my grand father first met her on a students trip he was so intimidated, that he bought every girl on the train a flower, just so that he could give her one.

Knowing her story and how much and how many times the world has changed beyond what anyone could have imagined when she was born, should make us all dare to think we can change it yet again.

At the age of 96 she looked like a tiny bird that had just hatched, and late yesterday evening she flew her way.

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