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LovePosted by Eskil Fri, September 03, 2010 20:39:29
This weekend Love will be free to play for anyone who wants to. All you need to do is download the client(42Mb), un-zip it start love.exe . Then just click "play for free" and you are in. If you are having technical problem check out this page.

The key to playing love is taking your time, and to talk to other players, preferably using (you can download the client at "Love in verses" and "Gaming Love" are two good fan sites that has lots of good info.

This release is not only significant because of the free weekend, but the fact that it contains some cool new gameplay. I have added some new objects that the different tribes hold very dear, and they will therefor greatly influence how they treat you. Thats the thing about Love, it keeps evolving so for the proper Love experience I will be working this weekend to update and make changes to the game so expect a few releases. If you get disconnected wait a few minutes and then try reconnecting since that was probably me updating the server. To keep track of my work check out the twitter feed. I have no ideas how many players to expect this weekend but if i need to I will try to set up enough servers. If you are having trouble getting in, wait a while and try again.

I will be on TeamSpeek all my waking hours, so come say hello or if you are shy why not send me an e-mail? Love is constantly changing and updating because of user requests so please share your thoughts with me. Finally if you would like to support the continued development of Love, please consider becoming a subscriber, or buy a few vouchers for more play time.

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