I want you to come with us

LovePosted by Eskil Steenberg Thu, November 06, 2008 04:19:10

I was watching one of those crappy MTV documentaries some time ago. It was about Timberland. He was rolling up to a party in his Lamborghini. He turned on the base line of "Sexy Back" that he had been working on earlier that day. Pretty women quickly surrounded the car. But then when they weren't looking he turned to the camera and said. "I'm only dropping by for 20 minutes for show my respect, but then I have to get back home to work in my studio" That moment gave him a lot of respect from me. Its about the work, hard work.

I'm not particularly educated, and I have no resources to speak of, but I have me, and what ever i want to do, I will have to do myself. The opportunities you don't get, you have to make. If it needs programming ill learn how to program. Recently I had an argument with a designer, who claimed that if he learned about the technical details it would "taint" his vision. To me getting down and dirty, earns respect and to gain knowledge will open your mind not close it.

In a way I am a visionary, but its not something I hold in great esteem. Vision sounds good, but it is action that counts. Over the years I have filled my hard drives with designs and visions for all types of enterprise. But none of it matters to my hard drive. The more time I spend working I find it harder to criticise other peoples work. No critic, no matter how brilliant, can ever measure up to her worst subject, because the world should belong to those who try, even when they fail.

If you want to improve housing, don't start an petition for urban development, build houses. If you want to see more women in game development, Don't start a woman in games interest group, start a game company and hire women. Don't complain about global worming, stop driving your car. If you want to build a game that is different, build it that way.

Why go at it alone? Me? Because I am alone. I simply do what I can, and then I try to go beyond that, sometimes too far. Together we are strong, therefor i am not, but I'm trying. I have considered organizing. Inviting people to contribute to something. I don't know what. Ive never been a great organizer, but with help maybe I could learn.

Greatness comes from executing great many details great. My thoughts are often complex, even convoluted, and it requires real effort to communicate, to the point that I even hide my thoughts for fear of being misunderstood, and choose to execute myself. 

Any talent I have as a leader are subdued by my doubt that any one should follow. I have never been a follower, so how could I ask any one to follow me? Why should others devote their life's to my dream when they can devote it to their own dream. It is a valid question, but the answer is simple: We may share dreams.

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